Do you accept Section 8 ?

Yes, but your voucher must equal the amount of the rent and you must pay the deposit. However, this is case by case and some homeowners may choose not to accept section 8 for their property.  

Do you accept pets?

Yes, It depends on the property and the pet. Some owners will accept pets with a pet deposit usually $250 -$500/ pet.

Can I split the deposit?

No, Partial deposits will not take a property off the market for you. Your deposit must be paid in full.

I am unemployed, will I qualify to rent one of your properties?

No, you must be employed with verifiable proof of income. We accept as proof, originals(not copies of paystubs), letter from your employer, or income tax returns. Your job is your credit. We do accept (in certain cases) Pension, Social Security etc. as income if retired.  

I am self employed, will I qualify to rent one of your properties?

Yes, you must provide as proof 2 years worth of  tax returns and 2 month's of recent bank statements. 

Can I hold a home until I am ready to move?

Yes, a full deposit can hold a home up to 30 days in most cases. You have 48 hrs from approval to pay the deposit and sign a lease. If this is not done within 48hrs of approval your approval is void and you will need to re-pay the application fee and re-apply.

What do I need if I am relocating?

Employment must be secured. You will need either a job offer letter or a job transfer letter stating your start date and pay rate. Or you have the option of paying 3 month's of rent in advance along with your deposit.

What if I need to break my lease?

As outlined in the lease, you are locked into at least a one year commitment. If you need to break your lease you must provide the owner with 60 days notice in writing. You must pay a "Release fee" equivalent to 1 month rent.

How early should I start looking for a home to rent?

When you have a full deposit and no more than 30days from when your current lease expires.

Can I have the lock-box code for the home I am interested in ?

No, we never give out lockbox codes. You must schedule an appointment with an agent.

If I move in the middle of the month can I pay the pro-rated rent?

No, you must pay a full rent and full security deposit. The following month you will pay the pro-rated rent.